UPDATE May 21, 2020: A Pastoral Letter to Main Street Family

Dear Friends,

The Healthy Church Team (HLT) met on Monday, May 18 to discuss the feasibility of re-opening the church in the next couple of weeks.  This team was chosen as mandated by the Bishop to oversee the plan for in-person worship in the coming months as things return to “normal”.  

Although the Governor of Virginia says that we can open with 50% of our capacity, the Bishop’s guidelines allow for only 25 people plus a few volunteers for in-person worship.  We understand your desire to come back to our sanctuary for worship and fellowship.  The committee knows how much you want to sing and take communion.  However, under the strict guidelines singing will not be allowed for a while and communion will be a little different.  

After much discussion, the HCT decided that we should not have in-person worship right away.  The congregation was given the chance to say whether or not they would come to church.  A large majority of those who responded have decided they are not ready to be in a group setting.  Most are happy to stay home and watch the livestream service on Facebook or later from our website.

We realize that some of you do not have internet capabilities and we are working on a plan that will enable you to watch the service on the TV screen in the Atrium.  We will let you know when that will be available. 

In addition, I know you desire to participate in The Lord’s Supper. It is not possible to have communion virtually but we are working on alternatives. You will receive more information on that very soon.  

In the meantime, we encourage you to call us with your questions and concerns.  If you have a special need let us know.  Stay in touch with us.  We want to hear from you and we will do our best to stay in touch with you.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, but, in the meantime, we are still the people of Main Street Church and our ministry is alive and well.  

We appreciate all you are doing to help through your prayers, presence, witness, service and gifts.  

We are praying for God’s presence in your lives and the peace and comfort that only God can give.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Rich

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