Sunday School Classes


Study the Word, Grow Deeper in Faith, Move Closer to God

Adult Sunday School classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.
  • Basic Bible Study, Classroom 2 in Fellowship Hall 
This class is for men and women seeking basic Bible knowledge and life application study. Current study is Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala
Contact person: David Hoy  at
  • Fellowship Class, Classroom 4 in Basement
This class is for men and women and focuses on achieving a deeper understanding of the scriptures. Current study is Paul, His Life and Teaching
Contact person: Mike Smith at
  • Special Studies Class, Classroom 6 in Basement
A class for men and women (55 and up) teaching Biblically based studies with life application discussion.
Contact person: Chuck Fisher at
  • Ladies Spiritual Growth, Classroom 5 in Basement
 A Bible study class for women of all ages. This class focuses on spiritual teachings that affect a woman's heart. Current study, Creed by Adam Hamilton 
Contact person: Irene Fisher at
  • McLemore Bible Class, Classroom 7 in Basement
Our longest running Sunday school class which has met nearly continuously for almost 100 years. This lecture style class for both men and women is based on the International Bible Lesson Series. Contact person: Troy Barnes at

See our preschool and children page for Sunday School classes for children!